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About Phoenix Mermaid

From a beautiful hidden oasis, in the gorgeous desert of Arizona lives, Phoenix, Mermaid of Legends!

Phoenix Mermaid is a professional entertainer, perfect for bringing magic to any event. She is available for children's parties and adult events too! Phoenix Mermaid has a stunning Sedona-colored sparkling tail that will leave your child believing in mystical creatures from the deep, and perhaps you as well.

Mermaid Phoenix is a great story teller and loves to play fun games that interact with everyone. She has experience with modeling and acting and will travel far and wide to truly bring the essence of magic and beauty wherever she goes. Phoenix Mermaid works with crystals and loves our mother earth very much. She loves to read stories and educate children on the importance of keeping our waters and land clean!

This legendary mermaid truly makes a splash wherever she ventures and is bound to make a lasting impression! This special desert mermaid loves the water or being on dry-land, so no matter what kind of event you're having, Phoenix is the mermaid to bring ultimate excitement to any gathering.

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